Sunday, June 15, 2014

Torque Twister

A Hot Wheels contemporary muscle car casting 

Torque Twister

Name: Torque Twister
Debut series: 2010  New Models
Produced year: 2010
Designed: -

The story behind: Torque Twister was a Hot Wheels contemporary muscle car casting that debuted in the 2010 New Models, similar to Eric Tsherne's Torque Screw and Fraser Campbell's Fast Fish. With a fuel-injected V8 engine, rear diffuser for aerodynamics, and dual exhausts, this contemporary muscle car was made for full-flexed speed. It also looks simliar to the 2013 Ford Fusion NASCAR Sprint Cup Car.

The looks: This car is there in my list of generic super cars along with Twinduction and Twin Mill. The design is very cool and light considering that is made out of diecast. In the past few years this model has been reintegrated in the main lines which is helping the popularity of this Hot Wheels original to go to the roof! Dont let it go if you see it.

Rating: ***/2

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