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Transformers Prime Cyberverse: Legion Class Ratchet`

Ratchet is something of a medic/scientist for the autobots, during the course of the show some of the episodes focused on him and his different skills whether it was helping the autobots to achieve a new synthetic energon or fighting the decepticons Ratchet is definitively a grumpy old bot loyal to the cause but wary of the war itself. Toy wise how would it fare among the other cyberverse toys? Lets check it out.

Ratchet Alt mode

Transformers Cyberverse: Legion Class Ratchet
Current Pricepoint:  $30 to +$50 dollars
Found at: and
Rating: A-

Ratchet with Optimus alt mode

Ratchet comes in the legion class , but dont let his class deter you, he has a fun transformation with some points of articulation which makes it an interesting choice to pose and play around with. His color is very much in line with the character itself, orange red hue and white, it makes a convincing ambulance as an alternate mode (which is only missing the tampoes of the lifeline).

Ratchet ready to help
The figure comes with a sword/gun accessory which is very accurate, get another one from Cliffjumper and you can re create that scene with Optimus Prime fighting the undead bots raised by the dark energon (geek alert here!)

Ready for surgery

For articulation he has 2 at the shoulders and 6 at the legs (2 for knees, 2 for leg joint and 2 for the ankles). I know it might be not as posable as lets say Cliffjumper but the mold is amazing and it is very much a unique transformation among its peers (no remold/repaint for him). Overall its an interesting figure which will definitively add depth to your autobot roster in any kind of situation.

Taking down a con

The reviewed so far from Team Prime

Transformers Prime Cyberverse: Legion Class Cliffjumper

When Transformers Prime came into that 5 movie format, at the very beginning we were shocked by the fact that one of the main characters got scrapped. Enter Cliffjumper, voiced by the ever cool Dwayne The Rock Johnson that didn't even touched the producers to bring the  autobot to the grinder.  Now that's a SHOCK! Afterwards Megatron just plugged dark energon into the autobot and well, he became a partial zombie before he got scrapped again by an explosion. Arcee never forgave herself and the cartoon went on. Producers later on went to say that if a character gets killed, its killed for good.

Cliffjumper alt mode
Cliffjumper with Ironhide alt mode

So in a nutshell, Cliffjumper died within the first episode of the Transformers Prime Series, definitively his dead made the series way more interesting and it also showed producers weren't scared of killing off characters on screen . One thing that didn't change was Hasbro usual affair of selling toys, so it was more than obvious that Cliffjumper would appear in different iterations during the course of the toy production. Since this review is for the cyberverse figure I will only focus on it, but how would a character that died would fare among its peers. We will find out.

Transformers Cyberverse: Legion Class Cliffjumper
Current Pricepoint: $30 to $50 dollars
Found at: and
Rating: A+

Cliffjumper showing some skill

For my money, Cliffjumper has to be THE most interesting cyberverse legion figure, not only the articulation is top notch but also the transformation is a very fun one, and the alternate mode which is a dodge challenger (kind of) vehicle with bull horns on its front is sweet. Everything about this figure works on so many levels I am impressed with the level of engineering done to make this toy. 

The figure has 12 points of articulation which for a legion class is definitively a highlight, because of this it is a very posable little toy ; which brings me, Cliffjumper comes with a red plastic kind of sword/gun which is the same Ratchet comes with, if you ask its an ok gun but I hardly find it suitable for this figure. 

Overall counting the fact of the alternate mode, the points of articulation and the fact that the character is highly detailed for a legion this one comes with a high recommendation to collectors in general; its an amazing figure which is should be in every shelf. Another interesting fact about this mold is that it came as a repaint for Tailgate (white and blue colored version) which turned out to be the first deceased partner of Arcee (she keeps losing them!). 

Cliffjumper and his mold brother Tailgate
Also another good thing about it is that it isn't that rare as other figures (yes, Ultra Magnus! I am thinking about you!) so it warrants an easy hunt , about the pricing it doesn't go that much above the other figures albeit I would suggest you to go cheap just because its a legion class and a $30 dollars price point is hard to digest.

You know this scene right..

Byebye Cliff....

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Transformers Prime Cyberverse: Legion Class Arcee

My next review will focus on one of the main characters from the Transformers Prime series, across the different Transformers iterations there has been a female bot, back in the 80's the incarnation of Arcee wasn't too much of a warrior, fast forward and this iteration is something to reckon with, strong, agile, smart and cunning. Its a force you don't want to cross with, but would the legion class live to the character representation?

Arcee Legion Cyberverse figure

Transformers Cyberverse: Legion Class Arcee
Current Pricepoint: $40 to +$100 dollars
Found at: and
Rating: B-

Arcee has been changed over the past years from a futuristic kind of barbie car to a motorcycle, in the Prime series she is a blue Kawasaki kind of motorcycle with a lot of attitude. That is something I appreciate from the Prime series is the fact that they brought some very good characters and some of them are quite interesting, in the cartoon Arcee is haunted by the memory of her deceased partners; Cliffjumper and Tailgate (curiously both have the same mold in their cyberverse versions) and during the course of the series she comes in terms with her loses and starts trusting again , this time with her human partner. 

Look at its looks

Overall for the cyberverse figure, Arcee comes in the shape of a small legion class motorcycle, how good or bad is it depends on your taste of the back kibble that she has when transforming to robot. In robot mode she has 7 points of articulations, 2 for the arms, 2 for the legs, 2 for the knees and her backpack kibble. No head movement nor waist. The mold is very accurate featuring her facial expression to the point were she ain't smiling. The figure comes with a plastic red gun similar to Bumblebee's albeit I prefer her to have a gun similar to the one from Ratchet giving that she slashes more than shoots.

The motorcycle is a different kind of beast, as i said it looks like a Kawasaki kinda of motorcycle which gives it that modern edge. The only downside of this is the fact that sometimes the way the legs are positioned under her body makes one of the wheels to not touch the ground and this gives a feeling of dread, particularly if you want it to roll.

The 2 wheeler transforms

Overall this figure is a fun one, giving enough credit to the designers for going an extra mile with the detail regarding the small size, later on this mold would had 2 repaints for 2 different characters albeit only one would be featured in the Transformers Prime Cyberverse line. Its hard for me to recommend considering the price line tagged to this figure as off December 2015. Albeit if you really want to go for it is a very rewarding figure if you want to use it to scale well with deluxe and voyagers classes.

Along with her cyberverse partners

The family so far...


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Transformers Prime Cyberverse: Legion Class Bumblebee

Between the Cyberverse line there was two main categories, the commander class which included figures on the $10 price and the legion class which range in the $6 to $8 price,  which were less detailed and articulated figures, more on a scout class than a deluxe. In other words, where commander class had detail and articulation, legion was a bit smaller but still functional within the cyberverse toyline.

Bumblebee driving along

Transformers Cyberverse: Legion Class Bumblebee
Current Pricepoint: $10 to $50 dollars
Found at: and
Rating: C+

Bumblebee which covers our second review falls in the later, given the size comparison with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee is a good solid figure (on its own right). Back in the 1980's he was a small Volkswagen bug; fast forward now this incarnation is a generic sports car similar to a Chevrolet Camaro . There isn't much to say from it, the car mode is somewhat detailed, the front grill  and the head lights are highlighted with interesting color apps, the engine features the pistons which is a welcome addition in any sports car. There are also a couple of black lines complementing the always grinding yellow colored vehicle.

Highly detailed car

Windshield along with the side windows of the vehicle are somewhat detailed, missing paint in the rear part of the vehicle along with the back lights which is not a play ability issue but Hasbro could had done more here. Overall the car mode as I mentioned is ok, nothing special.

Resemblance? Robots in disguise right?

Robot mode follows in the similar venue, articulation points only in the legs and arms, head sculpt is nicely detailed , the chest section is painted in a different color along with the feet of the figure. Still I cant stand the overly used yellow color, probably if they had done some black coloring in the hips and the arms would had help the figure a lot. One addition is its twin cannon which looks like a gummy red plastic thingy (when Hasbro wasn't that cheap and use to sell legion class with additional weapons), it is somewhat fragile but it works good with the figure.

Double cannon barrel Bee

Lasting impressions is while this figure is part of the main cast I would say it is not one of the best out there, with some missing paint details, the overly used yellow color and the limited range of motion (because of the class) Bumblebee sometimes leaves you wondering if something else could had been done for it. 

During the course of the Transformers Prime Cyberverse line several incarnations of Bumblebee came across (including 2 in playsets) changing color and then the mold was changed in the Beast Hunters line. Only then Bumblebee came across to look something more interesting. Until then fans had to rely on this figure. 

Because he can swing and shoot

Bee and some nasty Vehicons

"Beep Beep Beeeep....Booop?"

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Transformers Prime Cyberverse: Commander Class Optimus Prime

At last I write again, its been one year I haven't been posting in this blog, whereas was because of the lack of time or inspiration I been busy pursuing other interests, starting with my newly found love for Transformers, but not any kind of transformers, I found my love for them with the Cyberverse line which was brought in 2007 and kept up until this day, of course as Mattel with hot wheels, Hasbro as well has been lowering the quality of their products to cut costs and increase the profit but there was one line in particular which caught my attention and therefore, I got as much as I could from it.

Optimus Prime and a Hot Wheels Highway Blast -Size comparison

Enter Transformers Prime, continuing the story left by the videogames Transformers War for Cybertron the series takes place on Earth, long gone are the days where the transformers behaved like kids, this is a serious tone cartoon where transformers cry, moan, laugh, bleed and die. The line for this particular series within the Cyberverse universe has been praised as something to reckon , lots of characters, interesting transformations (for the most part) and sets (yes they got playsets!)

Prime towing

Transformers Cyberverse: Commander Class Optimus Prime
Current Pricepoint: $20 to $40 dollars
Found at: and
Rating: A+

This review will start with the main hero for the autobot fraction; enter Optimus Prime. Here the figure comes with its usual red and blue color, so famously stated over the years, instead of being a flat truck he comes in as a nosed truck which might deter some of the old fans but nevertheless the detail works for this figure very well. One of the things I appreciate the most from Hasbro is the level of detail put into this figures, it has everything a truck should have including smoke stacks!

Ramp up!

For the robot mode this figure really shines, as detailed as the cartoon with almost no kibble at all; just a small complain would be the backpack on its back which I am not sure how the engineers designing this could had modify. The face sculpt on this figure is gorgeous and the pose ability is wonderful for such a small figure, virtually you can take this in your pocket and roam around with it. 

Optimus Prime...Transform!

Blasting on!
Prime comes with 2 cannons which is a nice addition considering they are translucent and they perfectly fit its hands (reminiscent to what the show does with the transformers hands turning into weapons). The weapons uses 3 mm pegs post which Prime has 2 on its back to store the weaponry. Overall this figure is superb and it is a must in your collection, back in the heyday 2011 this figures would sell for $10 price point, currently as of 2015, this figure can be around $30 - $40  price point (which is hefty expensive if you ask me). I got mine for $12 last year and ever since I haven't seen it again. You might hit amazon or ebay to find out; whatever the case is this figure is awesome and I am fully recommending it!

Pose ability for this fella rocks!

Backpack mode 

"Transform and Roll out!"

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