Sunday, February 28, 2016

Transformers Prime Cyberverse: Legion Class Cliffjumper

When Transformers Prime came into that 5 movie format, at the very beginning we were shocked by the fact that one of the main characters got scrapped. Enter Cliffjumper, voiced by the ever cool Dwayne The Rock Johnson that didn't even touched the producers to bring the  autobot to the grinder.  Now that's a SHOCK! Afterwards Megatron just plugged dark energon into the autobot and well, he became a partial zombie before he got scrapped again by an explosion. Arcee never forgave herself and the cartoon went on. Producers later on went to say that if a character gets killed, its killed for good.

Cliffjumper alt mode
Cliffjumper with Ironhide alt mode

So in a nutshell, Cliffjumper died within the first episode of the Transformers Prime Series, definitively his dead made the series way more interesting and it also showed producers weren't scared of killing off characters on screen . One thing that didn't change was Hasbro usual affair of selling toys, so it was more than obvious that Cliffjumper would appear in different iterations during the course of the toy production. Since this review is for the cyberverse figure I will only focus on it, but how would a character that died would fare among its peers. We will find out.

Transformers Cyberverse: Legion Class Cliffjumper
Current Pricepoint: $30 to $50 dollars
Found at: and
Rating: A+

Cliffjumper showing some skill

For my money, Cliffjumper has to be THE most interesting cyberverse legion figure, not only the articulation is top notch but also the transformation is a very fun one, and the alternate mode which is a dodge challenger (kind of) vehicle with bull horns on its front is sweet. Everything about this figure works on so many levels I am impressed with the level of engineering done to make this toy. 

The figure has 12 points of articulation which for a legion class is definitively a highlight, because of this it is a very posable little toy ; which brings me, Cliffjumper comes with a red plastic kind of sword/gun which is the same Ratchet comes with, if you ask its an ok gun but I hardly find it suitable for this figure. 

Overall counting the fact of the alternate mode, the points of articulation and the fact that the character is highly detailed for a legion this one comes with a high recommendation to collectors in general; its an amazing figure which is should be in every shelf. Another interesting fact about this mold is that it came as a repaint for Tailgate (white and blue colored version) which turned out to be the first deceased partner of Arcee (she keeps losing them!). 

Cliffjumper and his mold brother Tailgate
Also another good thing about it is that it isn't that rare as other figures (yes, Ultra Magnus! I am thinking about you!) so it warrants an easy hunt , about the pricing it doesn't go that much above the other figures albeit I would suggest you to go cheap just because its a legion class and a $30 dollars price point is hard to digest.

You know this scene right..

Byebye Cliff....

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