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Transformers Prime Cyberverse: Legion Class Ratchet`

Ratchet is something of a medic/scientist for the autobots, during the course of the show some of the episodes focused on him and his different skills whether it was helping the autobots to achieve a new synthetic energon or fighting the decepticons Ratchet is definitively a grumpy old bot loyal to the cause but wary of the war itself. Toy wise how would it fare among the other cyberverse toys? Lets check it out.

Ratchet Alt mode

Transformers Cyberverse: Legion Class Ratchet
Current Pricepoint:  $30 to +$50 dollars
Found at: and
Rating: A-

Ratchet with Optimus alt mode

Ratchet comes in the legion class , but dont let his class deter you, he has a fun transformation with some points of articulation which makes it an interesting choice to pose and play around with. His color is very much in line with the character itself, orange red hue and white, it makes a convincing ambulance as an alternate mode (which is only missing the tampoes of the lifeline).

Ratchet ready to help
The figure comes with a sword/gun accessory which is very accurate, get another one from Cliffjumper and you can re create that scene with Optimus Prime fighting the undead bots raised by the dark energon (geek alert here!)

Ready for surgery

For articulation he has 2 at the shoulders and 6 at the legs (2 for knees, 2 for leg joint and 2 for the ankles). I know it might be not as posable as lets say Cliffjumper but the mold is amazing and it is very much a unique transformation among its peers (no remold/repaint for him). Overall its an interesting figure which will definitively add depth to your autobot roster in any kind of situation.

Taking down a con

The reviewed so far from Team Prime

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