Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fast Freight (Rapid Transit)

 A fast freigter that goes beyond the call of duty.

Fast Freight
Name: Fast Freight
Debut series:  Rapid Transit Series
Produced year: 2011
Designed: TBA

Hot Wheels Oil
The story behind: The main feature of this line are  trains, trolleys, buses, and trucks, each consisting of an engine and matching car with small "claws" on the front and back so that they may be attached to one another.

The looks: Since the one I got is a re edition of the original  mine is red with blue striping & "68" logo on both engine & car, "W4423" & HW logo on engine, "Hot Wheels Oil" on car. With this one I started collecting this editions which I must admit I am a big fan. The idea of hot wheels and trains is a very effective one. The small claws are able to connect with different models of the same line giving you the chance of making your own trains.

A fast freigter that goes beyond the call of duty.

Rating: ****

Chu Chu!! Towards HotWHeelsville!

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