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Volkswagen Kool Kombi

For older aficionados, it evokes sweet memories of peace, love and rock and roll!

Kool Kombi s
Name: Volkswagen Kool Kombi
Debut Series: Hot Wheels Showroom
Produced Year: 2013
Designed: TBA

The story behind: Kombi or Microbus, or, informally, as the Bus (US) or Camper (UK), is a panel van introduced in 1950 by the German automaker Volkswagen as its second car model. This van has received numerous nicknames worldwide, including the "microbus", "minibus", and, because of its popularity during the counterculture movement of the 1960s, "Hippie van". 

Fantastic Four
In Latin American countries the Kombi its been proven success through the years. Here are the 2 most successful stories so far showcasing loyalty and continuity.In Mexico T2 production began in 1970 at the Puebla assembly factory.In 1994, production ended in Mexico, with models being imported from Brazil. The Caravelle was discontinued, and both the Combi and the Panel were only offered in white color and finally in 2002. 

While in Brazil the Volkswagen Type T2 is by far the longest model run in Brazil, having been introduced in September 1950 as the Volkswagen "Kombi", a name it has kept throughout production. The production of the Brazilian Volkswagen Kombi ends in 2013 with a production run of 600 Last Edition vehicles, it will be the final production rear-engined Volkswagen after 78 years.

The looks: About the HotWheels Kombi  , it is based in the designed started in 1950 with the addition lift up rooftoop which came up around the 94 which was an update to the original model. Also with it it comes a spoiler which as its name implies it makes it look "kool". The body is made of die cast which is very solid and the interior is very detailed featuring the steering wheel along with the panel. At its back and below the spoiler are 2 surfing boards. 

While it might not be appealing to younger generations who never lived through the production era of the Kombi, this model is a solid addition. For older aficionados, it evokes sweet memories of peace, love and rock and roll!

Rating: ****/2

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