Wednesday, May 7, 2014


A true statement of power and perfection blended together in a machine


Name: Screamliner
Debut series: 2014 New Models
Produced year: 2014
Designed: Larry Woods

The story behind:  This hot rod that's long on speed as well as style. Don't let the classic look fool you—with a V12 engine and an extra serving of hp, this model will scream down the highway. As a little piece of history about where the idea of a "liner" comes from. Many engineers tried to incorporate aerodynamics into the shape of cars in the 1920s, and some entered production. First such automobile (a prototype) to have a tear-drop shape and have the wheels within the body was the Persu automobile[9] (1922), with an astounding drag coefficient of 0.22, built by Romanian engineer Aurel Persu. Early versions of the streetcars were referred to as Streamliners' in North America.

After all this lesson of history now we know where this beautiful hot wheel came from.

V12 Included

The looks: Design as an art deco from the 1930 this Hot Wheel is a memoir of simpler times when cars were not powerful machines designed for mass production, but real pieces of art only affordable to few people. Speaking particularly of this model , the lines and curves that constitute the design are so smooth and organic that it is very difficult to believe that most of it is die cast. Only the chassis and the main grill are plastic along with the headlamps.

Of course being a Hot Wheels , Screamliner features a V12 motor a statement of power and speed!. I really wish I could say more about this one but I feel there is no need, this folks is my kind of class, this is , a true statement of power and perfection blended together in a machine

Its mid 2014 folks, and most of the 2014 models has been released so far but I am very confident that by far this is one of the best ones they have done in years and that is a statement!

Rating: ****

Look at those curves!

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