Saturday, May 10, 2014

Poison Arrow

Owning this one is the same as owning a supersonic jet! 

Poison Arrow
Name: Poison Arrow
Debut series: 2005 First Editions
Produced year: 2005
Designed: Steve Moran

The story behind:  I believe the main idea behind the name is 1st the plane  looks like an actual arrow (just mind you is very small) and 2nd is probably a nod to native americans who used to use poison in the tips of their arrows (hence the name). 

Detailed view of Poison Arrow
The looks:  Well well, this one is a plane with a propeler on its back,in the back of the package it has stats and according to it this one is fast. It owns a horsepower: 1,250 hp, a speed: 450 mph and an acceleration 0-60: 4.0 seconds. So according to this stats owning this one is the same as owning a supersonic jet! 

About the model, is fairly simple, the wings and the whole base are diecast, everything else including the propeler is plastic, it owns 3 small wheels to make  landings and take-offs an easy feat. The one I owe is color in transparent purple (is there a color named like that?) with blue accents in the wings while the cockpit is gray. 

Rating: ***

Poison Arrow & an F18-SuperHornet

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