Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fast-Bed Hauler

It goes up , it goes down and it slides in accordance to your hauling needs

Fast-Bed Hauler

Name: Fast-Bed Hauler
Produced: 2014 First Editions 
Year: 2014
Designer: Abe Hugo

The story behind: Fast-Bed Hauler is a 1930's-style single-ton flatbed with dual V-8 engines. It was made for transporting speedy cargo to hot rod events in style. Usually I dont go after 2 reviews per day, it is kind of a own agreement I have but considering this hot wheel I came forward and started writing. Honestly speaking I buy 5 to 7 hot wheels per week and I rarely open them all, probably one or two depending on my urgency. Today was one of those days...

The looks: Fast-Bed Hauler puzzled me because I wasnt sure how functional it was, Hot Wheels has been doing very cheap models lately and my concern was that this model was one of those, thank you Mattel you shut me up! From the start you get a very classy old fashion model with the huge front grill and the headlamps evoking 1930's style. 

The most striking feature is of course the ramp, but would it work? Yes it does, it goes up , it goes down and it slides in accordance to your hauling needs, this model has it all, the model isnt to heavy considering most of it is plastic. Overall this is a very solid model that could easily replace Back Slider as your hauler of choice!!

Rating: ***/2

Guess who's car is that?

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