Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dodge Neon

The name dismisses the real thing for something more hybrid

Dodge Neon
Name: Dodge Neon
Produced: 2004 First Editions
Year: 2004
Designer: Eric Tscherne

The story behind: This FWD Import Dragster version of the Dodge Neon was introduced in 2004. It was driven by Shaun Carlson of NuFormz Racing for Mopar. The car was campaigned for just a short time as Shaun moved up to Pro Stock soon after debuting this car. Shaun went on to build the 2010 New Models Drift Charger and has a 3rd Hot Wheels Casting his first, in the Ford Focus Dragster from 2001.

The looks: If you expect this to be a normal Dodge Neon car then you will be very much dissapointed. It does have some resemblence but as a model it doesnt do much to me. It is a dragster and aside from that nothing much. The car is very solid being die cast metal and the weight warrants a good push in drag races.

Hard to recommend considering that the name dismisses the real thing for something more hybrid.

Rating: **
Overview of the Dodge Neon

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