Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hyper Mite

A bizarre little bug of a car

Hyper Mite
Name: Hyper Mite
Produced: 2001 First Editions
Year: 2001
Designer: Mark Jones

Little bug
The story behind: A bizarre little bug of a car, and one of the shortest Hot Wheels castings in terms of wheelbase. From the front, the bubble-roofed vehicle resembles the face of a koala, although this may be unintended. The interior is worth examining, as it appears to incorporate a bicycle seat, handlebars and pedals! The rear-mounted V-twin engine has two exhaust pipes ending in skyward-pointing funnels.

The looks: As stated previously the unfeasible design of this car makes it perfect for display or at least a buy out. The design is so innovative that is just plain fun to watch but not so fun in hot wheel tracks nor related products. The toy is heavy in comparison with other models given the fact the size and the composition of it. 

I believe this is one of those models whom I would only recommend for die hard collectors or lovers of the weird stuff.
Rating: **/2

The whole thing

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