Monday, September 1, 2014

Hot Wheels Truckin Transporter Fuel&Fire

Whether it transports petrol, gasoline or ethanol is your choice. 

Name: Fuel&Fire
Produced: 2014 First Editions
Year: 2014

The story behind:  Today I went to my local WalMart looking for any new hot wheels, while I had the chance of finding none I did came accross the Truckin Transporter line, of course being hot wheels and the fact that I hadnt bought one in some time I was drawn by the design of this particular toy. 

The looks: I have some affectionate passion for truckin rigs. Probably the main reason is the fact that they look like land trains, the other one could be Optimus Prime. Whatever the case this truckin transporter blends classic with modern in this hype design. It is the first one that doesnt involve any kind of transport for an additional hot wheels. 

Fuel&Fire as its name implies is a fuel transport whether it transports petrol, gasoline or ethanol is your choice. The color is very basic going yellow with some additional flames. So far is the only model I had not seen this year so I didnt hesitate when I saw it. Definitively a worth considering that the size is more adhoc to your average hot wheel.

Rating: ****

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