Sunday, September 14, 2014


A Hot Wheels casting based on a Reflex Racing car


Name: Motorblade
Produced: 2006 First Editions
Year: 2006
Designer: Mark Jones

The story behind: The Motoblade is a Hot Wheels casting based on a Reflex Racing car. For those of you who dont know what a reflex racing car I will try to sum it up, basically a RC small car. The Motoblade features a removable top which is neat but it doesnt have much detail so the whole gimick is somewhat useless (depends on your liking in the end).

The looks: The main feature of this hot wheel is the driver and the blade that passes through his left side or right depends on how you are looking. As I said the top is removable so it shows the motor and the driver. Most of the car is diecast which is an advantage particulary when you are using it for racing. 

Rating: ***

Detailed view

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