Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Fast4WD or FastForward ?


Name: Fast4WD
Debut series: 2014 First Editions
Produced year: 2014
Designed: -

It is just a super looking car 

The story behind:  Fast4WD follows the tradition of the off road rally car. The design is cool with the design looking a lot like a Ford Focus RS but dont let this design fool you, this is a Hot Wheels new model that will not disappoint you. 

The looks:  Either way Fast4WD or FastForward is incredible; amazing in rifting, tricks and overall speed. The low gravity and the overall die cast vs plastic materials make it perfect for racing, drifting and even acrobatics. For this model there are 2 colors out there, one is white and the other one is orange, since my collection is kind of big nowadays I am not very sure I have the white one (albeit I might) therefore the one presented in the pictures is the orange one.

Pick it up while you can because this one is for sure a model that will keep there in the line for years to come.

Rating: ****


Just a Bonus

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