Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hot Wheels Rapid Transit - Snake Speeder

Dont let its looks fools you! Its speed as as mighty as its glare!

Snake Speeder

Name: Snake Speeder
Debut series: 2011 
Produced year: 2011
Designed: -

The story behind:  As stated in my previous entries this collection started in 2011 as a relief from your usual car collection. Snake Speeder is one of those models where you get the feeling Hot Wheels is going a little bit animalistic with their designs, then again it wouldnt be the first time. 

A bullet train indeed doesnt look like a snake

The looks:  As stated Snake Speeder looks like an actual snake, but dont let its looks fools you! Its speed as as mighty as its glare!; sorry for the pun, in reality there was a Rapid Transit track which I never got but in it you had the chance of getting one of the trains, in this case it was this model. 

When I started this collection I didnt know how far it would go in terms of timings to get them all, so after a while of looking in every store available for the track and not finding it I had to decide to buy this model.This one represents one of those bullet trains so famous in Europe and in Japan. The roof has this scaly feeling which I appreciate considering the accuracy and the portrayal of the name in question.

Overall is been 3 models I have reviewed so far so if you would like to see pics about them or a review on some other model, feel free to contact. Opinions are always welcome!

Rating: ***/2

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The details on the roof are a nice characterization!

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