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Transformers Prime Cyberverse: Legion Class Arcee

My next review will focus on one of the main characters from the Transformers Prime series, across the different Transformers iterations there has been a female bot, back in the 80's the incarnation of Arcee wasn't too much of a warrior, fast forward and this iteration is something to reckon with, strong, agile, smart and cunning. Its a force you don't want to cross with, but would the legion class live to the character representation?

Arcee Legion Cyberverse figure

Transformers Cyberverse: Legion Class Arcee
Current Pricepoint: $40 to +$100 dollars
Found at: and
Rating: B-

Arcee has been changed over the past years from a futuristic kind of barbie car to a motorcycle, in the Prime series she is a blue Kawasaki kind of motorcycle with a lot of attitude. That is something I appreciate from the Prime series is the fact that they brought some very good characters and some of them are quite interesting, in the cartoon Arcee is haunted by the memory of her deceased partners; Cliffjumper and Tailgate (curiously both have the same mold in their cyberverse versions) and during the course of the series she comes in terms with her loses and starts trusting again , this time with her human partner. 

Look at its looks

Overall for the cyberverse figure, Arcee comes in the shape of a small legion class motorcycle, how good or bad is it depends on your taste of the back kibble that she has when transforming to robot. In robot mode she has 7 points of articulations, 2 for the arms, 2 for the legs, 2 for the knees and her backpack kibble. No head movement nor waist. The mold is very accurate featuring her facial expression to the point were she ain't smiling. The figure comes with a plastic red gun similar to Bumblebee's albeit I prefer her to have a gun similar to the one from Ratchet giving that she slashes more than shoots.

The motorcycle is a different kind of beast, as i said it looks like a Kawasaki kinda of motorcycle which gives it that modern edge. The only downside of this is the fact that sometimes the way the legs are positioned under her body makes one of the wheels to not touch the ground and this gives a feeling of dread, particularly if you want it to roll.

The 2 wheeler transforms

Overall this figure is a fun one, giving enough credit to the designers for going an extra mile with the detail regarding the small size, later on this mold would had 2 repaints for 2 different characters albeit only one would be featured in the Transformers Prime Cyberverse line. Its hard for me to recommend considering the price line tagged to this figure as off December 2015. Albeit if you really want to go for it is a very rewarding figure if you want to use it to scale well with deluxe and voyagers classes.

Along with her cyberverse partners

The family so far...


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