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Transformers Prime Cyberverse: Legion Class Bumblebee

Between the Cyberverse line there was two main categories, the commander class which included figures on the $10 price and the legion class which range in the $6 to $8 price,  which were less detailed and articulated figures, more on a scout class than a deluxe. In other words, where commander class had detail and articulation, legion was a bit smaller but still functional within the cyberverse toyline.

Bumblebee driving along

Transformers Cyberverse: Legion Class Bumblebee
Current Pricepoint: $10 to $50 dollars
Found at: and
Rating: C+

Bumblebee which covers our second review falls in the later, given the size comparison with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee is a good solid figure (on its own right). Back in the 1980's he was a small Volkswagen bug; fast forward now this incarnation is a generic sports car similar to a Chevrolet Camaro . There isn't much to say from it, the car mode is somewhat detailed, the front grill  and the head lights are highlighted with interesting color apps, the engine features the pistons which is a welcome addition in any sports car. There are also a couple of black lines complementing the always grinding yellow colored vehicle.

Highly detailed car

Windshield along with the side windows of the vehicle are somewhat detailed, missing paint in the rear part of the vehicle along with the back lights which is not a play ability issue but Hasbro could had done more here. Overall the car mode as I mentioned is ok, nothing special.

Resemblance? Robots in disguise right?

Robot mode follows in the similar venue, articulation points only in the legs and arms, head sculpt is nicely detailed , the chest section is painted in a different color along with the feet of the figure. Still I cant stand the overly used yellow color, probably if they had done some black coloring in the hips and the arms would had help the figure a lot. One addition is its twin cannon which looks like a gummy red plastic thingy (when Hasbro wasn't that cheap and use to sell legion class with additional weapons), it is somewhat fragile but it works good with the figure.

Double cannon barrel Bee

Lasting impressions is while this figure is part of the main cast I would say it is not one of the best out there, with some missing paint details, the overly used yellow color and the limited range of motion (because of the class) Bumblebee sometimes leaves you wondering if something else could had been done for it. 

During the course of the Transformers Prime Cyberverse line several incarnations of Bumblebee came across (including 2 in playsets) changing color and then the mold was changed in the Beast Hunters line. Only then Bumblebee came across to look something more interesting. Until then fans had to rely on this figure. 

Because he can swing and shoot

Bee and some nasty Vehicons

"Beep Beep Beeeep....Booop?"

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