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Transformers Prime Cyberverse: Commander Class Optimus Prime

At last I write again, its been one year I haven't been posting in this blog, whereas was because of the lack of time or inspiration I been busy pursuing other interests, starting with my newly found love for Transformers, but not any kind of transformers, I found my love for them with the Cyberverse line which was brought in 2007 and kept up until this day, of course as Mattel with hot wheels, Hasbro as well has been lowering the quality of their products to cut costs and increase the profit but there was one line in particular which caught my attention and therefore, I got as much as I could from it.

Optimus Prime and a Hot Wheels Highway Blast -Size comparison

Enter Transformers Prime, continuing the story left by the videogames Transformers War for Cybertron the series takes place on Earth, long gone are the days where the transformers behaved like kids, this is a serious tone cartoon where transformers cry, moan, laugh, bleed and die. The line for this particular series within the Cyberverse universe has been praised as something to reckon , lots of characters, interesting transformations (for the most part) and sets (yes they got playsets!)

Prime towing

Transformers Cyberverse: Commander Class Optimus Prime
Current Pricepoint: $20 to $40 dollars
Found at: and
Rating: A+

This review will start with the main hero for the autobot fraction; enter Optimus Prime. Here the figure comes with its usual red and blue color, so famously stated over the years, instead of being a flat truck he comes in as a nosed truck which might deter some of the old fans but nevertheless the detail works for this figure very well. One of the things I appreciate the most from Hasbro is the level of detail put into this figures, it has everything a truck should have including smoke stacks!

Ramp up!

For the robot mode this figure really shines, as detailed as the cartoon with almost no kibble at all; just a small complain would be the backpack on its back which I am not sure how the engineers designing this could had modify. The face sculpt on this figure is gorgeous and the pose ability is wonderful for such a small figure, virtually you can take this in your pocket and roam around with it. 

Optimus Prime...Transform!

Blasting on!
Prime comes with 2 cannons which is a nice addition considering they are translucent and they perfectly fit its hands (reminiscent to what the show does with the transformers hands turning into weapons). The weapons uses 3 mm pegs post which Prime has 2 on its back to store the weaponry. Overall this figure is superb and it is a must in your collection, back in the heyday 2011 this figures would sell for $10 price point, currently as of 2015, this figure can be around $30 - $40  price point (which is hefty expensive if you ask me). I got mine for $12 last year and ever since I haven't seen it again. You might hit amazon or ebay to find out; whatever the case is this figure is awesome and I am fully recommending it!

Pose ability for this fella rocks!

Backpack mode 

"Transform and Roll out!"

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