Friday, May 16, 2014

Hot Wheels Truckin Transporter Haulin Heat

I like the duality of Haulin Heat, from the sober design of its rig to the flashy colors.

Haulin Heat

Name: Haulin Heat
Debut series: 2012 First Editions

Produced year: 2012
Designed: -

From behind
The story behind: As mentioned in my previous review about this monsters (here) Hot Wheels changed the way they were going to sell this, so mind you they reduced the size so you can play in your tracks. That is as updated as you can get about this things. If I remember Haulin Heat was used to name another kind of rig from the old series (where they used to be a lot bigger). So please bear with me to avoid further confusions. 

Ready to race!
The looks: Starting by the size of it, its your average 1:32 scale, of course being a rig is a little bit more bigger in lenght than other models , but taking out the container you can get it to race around with the other Hot Wheels . The rig itself is semi (meaning no nose in the front) and is made mostly entirely of plastic, only the chasis is made of die cast. The box of the rig it is used to carry a Hot Wheels car, now folks get note on this , 2014 editions and forward they wont contain any additional toy which is a shame. I like the duality of Haulin Heat, from the sober design of its rig to the flashy colors. It definitively sticks out!

Monoposto is the car that was in bundle with the Haulin Heat. It is a 1 seater race car with a low cut and low centre of gravity. The model is made out mostly of die cast which means is a good racer in some of the most afromented Hot Wheels track. As a complain the car doesnt fit very well inside the haul so care is required in order to put it in and taking it out.

Rating: ***/2

Would Monoposto be ideal for haulin?

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