Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blvd. Bruiser

It just looks sexy

Name: Blvd. Bruiser
Blvd. Bruiser

Debut series: 2011 New Models
Produced year: 2011
Designed: Larry Wood

The story behind:  The Blvd. Bruiser was a Hot Wheels casting designed by Larry Wood. This model resembles a muscle car hybrid , raw power, cool design and nice colors makes this model a nice addition in every collection. 

Sexy beast
The looks:  It just looks sexy, thats all I can sum up about this model. its one of those models that catches your eyes and it never lets go. Originally casted in 2011 it came in 2 different colors (which I owe) , metallic copper and purple. The muscle car design is incredible incorporating the best ideas from many out there and placing it here. The interior is very detailed (going as far as putting in sight the extra wheel)

Blvd Bruiser is such a well done model with a solid die cast weight; Hot Wheels should do more of this and less of thie artificial uninspired weird looking cars which dont help the brand (it just makes everything so cheap). A must for every muscle car collector and fan overall of a good well designed die cast..

Rating: ****/2

Just flexing the muscle around

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