Friday, May 30, 2014


Can this Hot Wheel be THE Hot Rod?


Name: Phaeton
Debut series: 1999 First Editions
Produced year: 1999
Designed: Gary Saffer


The story behind:  One of the things I got into Hot Wheels was the fact that you can have lots of different designs in your hand, Phaeton is one of those cool designs, mostly billed as a hot rod the main quality of this model is the fact that the roof can come off, very cool right? At the price of a faulty mistake can this Hot Wheel be THE Hot Rod?

The looks: As I said before Phaeton looks like a Hot Rod, the grill is there reminiscing the old Ford Models, the exhaust fumes for  the motor are on the sides of the car giving it a rough look and one of the key additions is the removable roof.

Albeit all this honey I just poured over this review one design flaw in the design makes this model faulty and obviously knocks a couple of stars for it. The front wheels are separated from the main design which gives chance to the wheels to roll around but the back wheels, are attached to close to the body, in some models (such as mine) the wheels are so close that they dont roll properly making the Hot Wheel to drag itself.

This alone makes it hard to recommend, the looks and design warrants a buy but the small flaw (should I say HUGE?) detracts collectors like me who aside from the looks, functionality is a must!

Rating: ***/2

All hooded up!

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