Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 Take it or leave it since this one makes no difference.

Name: Wattzup
Debut series: 2014 First Editions
Produced year: 2014
Designed: -

The story behind: Lightning quick in the curves, and pulsing down the straights, this single-seat racer has a special "electroshock" surprise for any would-be competitors. Stay clear, or your rear will be seared!

Above the shock

The looks: If you really bought what I just put above than you are ready to buy this one, by the looks of it its deceives you thinking that is some kind of car-bug hybrid, it is only after the package comes out that you get the real purpose of it. The car is some sort of electricity conductor, it has a battery at each side of the car powering up the main weapon which is some kind of terminals from which electricity comes....THATS AS MUCH AS I CAN EXPLAIN ABOUT THIS ONE!

In reality it is a generic racing car, very low on its gravity point with all this additions, it kinda of looks like an F1 racing car with pincers. Wattzup left me cold so take my advice take it or leave it since this one makes no difference.

Rating: **

Detailed view of the batteries

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