Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NCC-1701 Enterprise

To boldly go where no Hot Wheels has gone before

Lift Off

Name: NCC-1701 Enterprise
Debut series: 2013 First Editions
Produced year: 2013
Designed: -

Something must be odd with the scale

The story behind: Keeping up with my 80s reviews I wanted to go back even further, welcome NCC-1701 Enterprise. Yes there has been lots of iterations with the name Enterprise, there was a space shuttle, a couple of flag ships and even the first nuclear aircraft carrier, so its no wonder they carried the name towards Star Trek which was a very popular show late 60s early 70s when space travel was a hot topic and just before our imagination went to the crapper thanks to facebook, twitter and so forth.

The show Star Trek dealt with exploration and the occasionally, "saving human race" so the ship in question albeit is a flag ship is not as gunned as per say Star Wars or even Battlestar Galactica vessels. 

The looks: To boldly go where no Hot Wheels has gone before in 2013 they choose to include it in the Hot Wheels roster. Albeit amusing I am not sure is a solid contender, most of the body is metal with only the propulsion being plastic. The model is detailed enough to avoid complains from the most avid fans of the show. It also includes a plastic stand which makes your ship to stand. Overall not my favorite Hot Wheel by any means considering it is smaller in scale than say, your average toy car. For fans only!

Rating: ***

Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.

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