Monday, April 21, 2014

Hot Wheels Truckin Transporter Caged Cargo

 This is the time Optimus Prime goes cargo cage!

Caged Cargo

Name: Caged Cargo
Debut series: 2013 First Editions
Produced year: 2013
Designed: -

The story behind: Hot Wheels Truckin Transporter has been around for some time, probably since 2006 considering if my memory don't fails. Anyway the hefty thing about these babies are:

1) They used to be much bigger and they use to come with a Hot Wheels.
2) Nowadays they have changed them to fit the tracks but no Hot Wheels included.

Roll Out!!!
From this pointers I can take that by 2014 Hot Wheels is getting very cheap with quality and production, not only they release less models per year but also they have taken out some things that collectors like myself took for granted, o well, I guess everybody has to make a buck! Back to our product, so this one is in 1:32 scale like every other hot wheel, but, is it good? Lets find out!

71 Dodge Demon
The looks: So as far as I go I got excited with this model in particular, it has this 80s vibe which is undeniable considering this kind of cargo trucks became famous thanks to Transformers franchise and the similar look to the Optimus Prime. I would had rather have it in red but then again , this one is all right, the wolf decal makes it look very bad ass and the cargo, is very well, I could say is a give and take actually. As per norm I took the liberty of putting a car as a nice combo. About the car 71 Dodge Demon, it fits the scheme well also evoking the past, the color is blue with green flames, almost the whole body is die cast metal which is solid for the time we are living in right now.

This is the time when Optimus Prime goes cargo cage!

Rating: ***

Combo Truckers

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