Monday, April 21, 2014

Hot Wheels Angry Birds Editions

When the birds took the world!

Name: Red Bird & Minion Pig
Debut series: 2012 First Editions
Produced year: 2012
Designed: -

Minion Name: Minion Pig 
Red Bird

The story behind: Angry bird took the world for surprise back in 2009 with its addictive gameplay, ever since the world has seen numbers and numbers of different iterations of the franchise (a la LEGO). Forgive me if I don't follow suit but I feel that suiting franchises into other popular franchises just makes everything spoiled. Anyway it was about time when the franchise winked at Hot Wheels to build 2 of the characters from the franchise immortalized in cars. I remember I was in India when these 2 models arrived, of course its been 2 years ever since and I just got the chance to have the Minion Pig (hence the nifty review mind you!).

Ruling the world!
The looks: Entirely made of plastic these 2 models are the closest you can get to the characters, the Red Bird it has this compact body with the trademark "angry look". The body is nicely painted red cherry for most of the body while the chassis is peach. Yellow beak and black tail are included, all plastic of course. Minion Pig on the other hand is apple green and while the first part of the body is indeed the pig the back of it includes an 8 piston motor (Hot wheels trademark). If you ask me both models are nice but detailed wise I prefer the Minion Pig, it has more into it than the Red Bird which is well, a bird mounted in wheels. Anyway its 2014, when the birds took the world , and while they aren't slowing down, this 2 models are HARD to find! So if you see them, don't miss the chance of owning them! 

Rating: ****
Ready to get it out!

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