Monday, January 6, 2014

Bone Shaker

 Death never looked so bad ass and so good!

Name: Bone Shaker
Bone Shaker
Debut series: 2006 First Editions
Produced year: 2006
Designed: Larry Wood

The story behind: Bone Shaker is a extremely popular hot wheels casting. The model is a modified hot rod with a skull in the front of the vehicle. During my collection tenure Ive been able to collect around 5 different castings of the same model.

The gang
The looks: As I stated previously, it looks like a hot rod with a skull on its front. The cockpit is missing the roof but I have always envisioned with a canvas, the cockpit is good for 2 seats. The front also features a massive motor with 4 exits on each side of the model. In the back of the car and this is plastic featured is the battery and the water tank which looks massive.

The body of the model is die cast and the chassis is mere plastic. Wheels are larger on the back as with every other hot rod. Being a hot wheels original it have received lots of limelight, hot wheels even made a real version of this bad boy. Death never looked so bad ass and so good!

The first time I wrote this I was very lazy and I didn't do my best effort, therefore I am re posting this with pictures of the Bone shakers I owe.

Rating: ****/2

Bone Shaker Family

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