Thursday, April 24, 2014

Swamp Buggy

After 2 years of being delayed, Swamp Buggy is here to stay! 

Swamp Buggy
Name: Swamp Buggy
Debut series: 2010 First Editions
Produced year: 2010
Designed: -

A look from above
The story behind:  Originally slated to be released in the 2008 Turbo Driver CAR-Tridge line, the Swamp Buggy fell victim to the line's cancellation. The Swamp Buggy had to wait 2 years before it was finally released in 2010 in the Race World Jungle Series

The looks: This buggy looks like a swamp frog, given said that I believe its one of the most original models since well, it looks like a nice small frog, the colors (depending on which year you acquired yours) it will be more less constant with this swamp frog line. From my perspective is one of the most "jungly" cars out there.

Everything in this model is plastic, but then again with that radical design, its the best way to go (and cheaper as well). After 2 years of being delayed, Swamp Buggy is here to stay! Totally recommended just for its sheer fun looks and original colors

Rating: ****

To the frog below....

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