Tuesday, April 22, 2014

IROC Pontiac Firebird

 Back to the 90s with this one!

IROC Pontiac Firebird
Name: IROC Pontiac Firebird
Debut series: 1998 First Editions
Produced year: 1998
Designed: Mark Jones

Screams quality!

The story behind: It is based of in the actual IROC (International Race of Champions) 1990s production car which raced in this North American Championship. In March 2008, IROC auctioned off its tools, equipment, cars, and memorabilia, and went out of business. About the actual car originally this races started being competed only by Porsches but because of the wide competition in the market (NASCAR, F1) and because the wide disciplines they were covering it was natural that different cars were brought in for different types of races. 

The looks: The car is die cast with only the chassis being plastic , this car reminds me of Hot Wheels from the 90s , it is an actual car with a very solid design which pays a lot of respect for the story of the model. The one I have is one of the few that got released back in 2011 so it is white in color with the Highway patrol decals. Inside the car there is one seat passenger as well as all the detail you could find from a real IROC competition car. Back to the 90s with this one is how I feel, not only the IROC tradition was in its prime but also Hot Wheels was in its prime!

Rating: ****

Just a beauty...

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