Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mega Duty

Whatever it does , make sure Mega is implied in it! 

Mega Duty
Name: Mega Duty
Debut series: 2001 New Models
Produced year: 2001
Designed: Alec Tam

The story behind:   The Mega-Duty is a Hot Wheels casting designed by Alec Tam based on a vehicle by the same name. The  super cool model  debuted in the 2001 First Editions. Released in 2001 this was a massive truck with a lot of weight and cool design, as time went by they downgraded the model by converting its massive weight into nothing more than a lightfeather plastic design. 

Implying the MEGA
The looks:   This is one of those pre models that in recent years they have been used as a temp design for newer models (Diesel Duty & So Plowed being examples of this). This model is a hybrid of a Ford Pick up. The rear of the truck is completely covered which makes it very useless for carrying stuff (supposedly you would do so).

The outtakes for the motor fumes are collocated in the sides which makes me believe this truck has an V8 motor.  Mega Duty is a perfect (as it names implies) for heavy duty or rallies . Whatever it does , make sure Mega is implied in it! 

Rating: ***

Massive size 

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