Sunday, April 27, 2014


When they sold it as the "Year of the Dragon 2012" 


Name: Rodzilla
Debut series: 1988
Produced year: 1988
Designed: Larry Woods

Cockpit and V8 ahead
The story behind:  Rodzilla is a casting in the shape of a reclining mechanical dragon. The driver sits behind the big V8 engine en under the fearsome dragon. The head of the dragon can be turned 360 degrees.

The looks: What can I say when a car looks like a humongous dragon sitting in 4 wheels. My model is from 2012 when they sold it as the "Year of the Dragon 2012" for those who dont know where, well this is celebrated in China folks (again one of my South Asia trips). The model is plastic with only the chassis made of metal. The color red with gold goes well with the model to warrant a flashy appearance. 

Rating: ***

Snacking at ya!

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