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Power Rangers 20TH Anniversary Special

 If you find em around dont hesitate and buy them, just like gold this ones are hard to find!

Name: Power Rangers 20TH Anniversary Special
Debut series: Power Rangers 20TH Anniversary Special
Produced year: 2013

The story behind: Last year Hot Wheels launched a special for Power Rangers. Yes the iconic TV Series that has spawned more than 20 series with your favorite characters got all fired up with the 20th anniversary special. When this happened I was in India and I got lucky enough to get 5 out of the 6 original models (still I am looking to complete the set via Amazon).

Now let me tell you something; they were very expensive considering the currency there but as I look back I am glad I bought as much as I could because when I came back (for the time being I am residing in Mexico) I never got to see them again, hence this post trying to share them with you all.

So, the inspiration they took was from the Power Ranger season at the time which was Megaforce and the models are inspired in the zords of that series. So 5 out of 6 were released first with an additional 2 coming afterwards.

The looks:  As I said they are modeled after the 5 out of 6 ranger zords, while Hot Wheels is very much an expert in modeling animals , insects and all kind of creatures into cars this ones have a special consideration making them a bit more detailed. 

DragonZord: Not the one we are used to , but the red one from Megaforce, this one took inspiration in a racing car with a lot of detail in the dragon look. I really like the horn details on the sides and the fangs like inspiration for the front side. The cockpit window is emerald green making it look menacing and leaving us wonder what kind of interior this model has. The model has a good balance between plastic and diecast and being the Red Ranger's vehicle it is one of the coolest ones. DragonZord definitively is a must considering the good level of detail and quality.

Rating: ****/2
SharkZord: How many Hot Wheel shark related motifs are there? Well this one is completely different and they have corrected the tail being horizontal instead of vertical (for those who still need help, horizontal is like the fins of a shark, vertical is more like a cetacean a.k.a dolphins, whales). The car has one huge turbine in the middle of it which puzzles me of the purpose other than of course aesthetic. The interior is detailed featuring 2 seats and a complete dashboard. The cockpit window in this one is orange. The car has a lot of detailed regarding the shark model therefore being entirely plastic. Good effort in this one capturing the feel of the SharkZord but not the best one of the bunch.

Rating: ***

TigerZord: Being one of the 2 females of the show the vehicle is a tour de force to reckon with;  huge threads for all kind of terrain, backspace for carrying people/materials or just for serious barbecues, the yellow ranger zord is very cool. The cockpit is detailed in this one with the front windows being transparent. The front side of the vehicle shows a tiger face with the headlamps making reference to the animals eyes. This one shares the same quality as the DragonZord being diecast and plastic. I like the originality with the TigerZord, it is definitively one of a kind.

Rating: ****

SnakeZord: Representing the black ranger, this zord it resembles a huge bus with steroids, mind you this is not a complain, I appreciate the concept, being the biggest or largest zord it was only natural to make it big. The model is a combination between plastic and metal , even the weight makes it very confusing to determine which part is what, it is a very solid toy believe me. The other quality that sets it aside from the other models is that this one owns 6 wheels and a spoiler with 4 intakes. The front of it is shaped in the face of a snake with fangs (in the likes of the Snake Speeder ). Cool design that gives variarity to the other models.

Rating: ***/2

LionZord: Regardless of this being a review, this one is the best of them all! Incorporating the 6th ranger before the pink ranger (something that makes me wonder) gold and black the lion zord is by far the most detailed car/zord of them all. The face and the mane of the lion, everything is in place. It is like something you havent seen before in any of the previous Hot Wheels toys (and I am talking overall). The cockpit window is turquoise blue and with a little bit of patience you can make out the details inside. I feel the design is good enough to win the 5 star rating here. Speechless!

Rating: ***** 

Overall a very well executed idea by Hot Wheels, one that I am very pleased off. If you find em around dont hesitate and buy them, just like gold this ones are hard to find!

Rating of the Power Rangers 20TH Anniversary Special

Rating: ***** 

Rangers Forever, Megaforce all together.

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