Sunday, June 8, 2014

Diesel Duty

It just shows how huge of a beast this machine this is!

Diesel Duty

Name: Diesel Duty
Debut series: 2011 New Models
Produced year: 2011
Designed: Fraser Campbell

The story behind:  The Diesel Duty was designed by Fraser Campbell and it bears a major resemblence to Alec Tam's Mega-Duty. I just realized that after 50+ reviews some might be referenced alike and so this is my second review that makes reference to another Hot Wheel. Diesel Duty is a 2011 featured machine with 2 huge pipes each side for I guess pollute the planet and making a lot of noise (here is were I ask you my loyal reader to use your imagination). 

Detailed view
The looks:  Thank God car dealers dont make this massive things in real life (Ok, maybe Hummer H2!) then again this beast is one of a kind, with its massive size and what I believe is  a super motor, Diesel Duty is ready for that, burn a lot of fuel. 2011 was an atipic year since most of the models that came out of that batch became regulars in the production lines going forward, sadly this one wasnt received with such a praise (being casted only once in 2012 with a better color scheme); my thoughts are that being a massive truck with the name Diesel on it is not a great way to start with, also the color that year was one of the dullest I have ever seen for a new model (grey).

Aside from the set backs this model has its own charm, for example the huge fin in the middle of it, its like a huge intake of air that goes down to the motor which has 5 pistons in each side (10 in total) for massive effort. Not a popular model but definitively something new, despite the odds this model was taken into account to design a 2014 new model called So Plowed; which it just shows how huge of a beast this machine this is!

Rating: ***

Days of the future past 

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