Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rapid Response

The humpty dumpty syndrome

Rapid Response

Name: Rapid Response
Produced: 2010 First Editions
Year: 2010-2012
Designer: Alec Tam

Set for rescue

The story behind:  This is an obscure model which is very recent and rare. As far as the model goes this was one of my first hot wheels and I am as farfetched as you guys to see that it got discontinued. 

The looks:  As I sought for new reviews today I found it in my way. Based in an ambulance the motif employs a truck front with a translucent back so we can see the emergency bed and the gadgets. The model is nice if nothing special, the whole body is made of plastic leaving the lower part to stabilize it being metal. The front of the model is based in the Hot Wheels freight collection which is a nice detail.

It can be placed in tracks but the performance is so lame it belongs to the sidelines. Shame for this model to got discontinued so soon since it seemed hipped and cool. The humpty dumpty syndrome.

Rating: **

The detailed front

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