Saturday, December 14, 2013

32 Ford

It is a solid piece of work that might appeal to all the hot wheels fans.

32 Ford

Name: 32 Ford
Debut Series: 1998 New Editions
Produced Year: 1998
Designed: Gary Saffer

The story behind: In 1932 Ford introduced the B model which was an upgrade from the A version they had made back in 1927. Although sharing a common platform, Model Bs and Model 18s came not only in Standard and Deluxe trim, they were available in a large variety of body styles.

A hybrid between a classic
and a hot rod
Prices ranged from US$495 for the roadster, $490 for the coup├ęs, and $650 for the convertible sedan. Production totals numbered from 12,597 for the roadster to 124,101 for the two-door sedan. Ford sold 298,647 V8-powered 18s in 1932.Today, the 1932 Model B, although always a little bit in the shadow of the V-8, is a highly collectible car and people will pay thousands of dollars to restore one to original specification.

The looks: The looks are updated in this one making it a hybrid between a classic model and a hot rod type of vehicle. The grill and the V8 motor are there exposed which gives it a more "dirty" look. The hot wheels is die cast mostly, only the front parts are plastic. Luckily for me I got the 98 edition in my collection thanks to a good colleague of mine (kudos Christian!) at office so it is a nice addition to my growing collection. About it , there isnt much I dislike about this one, it is a solid piece of work that might appeal to all the hot wheels fans.

Rating: ****
F32 and 34 Ford Models

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