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A fan favorite, mostly because the edgy and potent look.

SkyKnife (2014 Edition)

Name: SkyKnife
Debut Series: 2007 New Models
Produced Year: 2007
Designed: Steve Moran

The Edge like a Knife
The story behind: SkyKnife is an original hot wheels helicopter design. The name is implied by the radical edgy look of the model. With 2 power busters on top of the copter below the rotor it cruises the sky at a tremendous speed. Also the name might make reference to you to the Battleforce5 Fusion between the Saber and the Chopper (which this one doesn't have to do anything with it.)

The looks: Going to the looks, this model have been around for a couple of years now and its become a fan favorite, mostly because the edgy and potent look. Sadly the new release featured this year and the year before its done in a cheap way. The power busters have been modeled in the same metal body (not like before that they were apart in  plastic and chrome materials), this makes this model kind of cheap looking especially if you have the SkyKnife from previous releases. Aside from this production complain the model is solid enough to guarantee a 4 star rating.

Rating: **** (2007 till 2012)
Rating: *** (2013- onwards)

Sneak Peak

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