Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chaparral 2D

 If you can find it make it yours

Chaparral 2D
Name: Chaparral 2D
Produced: 2003 New Models
Year: 2003
Designer: Mark Jones

The story behind:  This model was revealed in 1963 competing in US Road Racing Championship , it was originally a roadster it defeated all the racers in every single race. The reason a couple of combinations in between the light weight the whole car was (made of fiberglass 924kgs) and the gargantum motor of 327 V8 giving around 400HP made by chevrolet.

The looks:  Chaparral 2D is a Hot Wheels die cast racing car, it is a hybrid between a Nascar car series and of course it bears resemblance to Meteoro's vehicle (which in this case it has a roof). Being said and leaving the comparission behind, Chaparral 2D is a very eficient car going forward, the body is heavy enough to warrant push over the tracks but also the body is perfect to slip away.

To my knowledge previous versions had the option of lifting the backside of the car but because Hot Wheels policy of cutting prices (and functionalities) the one I owe (bought it in India) is as stiff as a stick. Overall if you can find it make it yours.

Rating: ***

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